What About EVE?

The coolness of the waters from the waves that fled the ocean kissed the tip of her toes. She lay naked in the sand as her eyes slowly gave birth to the stillness of the autumn breeze. Her nostrils inhaled the sweet fragrance of the sea and distant scents hailing from Eden. Life began to … More What About EVE?


I  spoke to her womb twice and she responded with life. She borrowed a piece of me and replenished my offering with the sweet sounds of eloping tears. The sounds of liberation, exhaustion and a distinct chilled fear engulf the atmosphere of praise, admiration and adornment. Instantly I fell into a deep abyss of humbleness … More DADDY DAUGHTER SYNDROME

The “Black” Album, No Jay-Z Though: To Pimp A Butterfly

Initial reaction To Pimp a Butterfly…“Stupid…a horrible attempt in sounding deep and creative”. At least this is what I thought. The ever so loyal Kendrick Lamar stans did not make me any less forgiving either with their justifications, but it is simply the high standards I have for the great artist that Kendrick Lamar is. … More The “Black” Album, No Jay-Z Though: To Pimp A Butterfly

The Medium

According to dictionary.com, the definition of “medium” is as follows: 1. A middle state or condition; mean. 2.Something intermediate in nature or degree. There are about sixteen definitions for this word, but let’s focus on the first two as it applies to African American males in these United States of America. By now you’re probably … More The Medium