I’m just tired. Like all the way tired. And I pledged. Any of us that pledged or saw somebody pledge, knows tired. I’m that. But not in the same way that I was in the Fall of 2005. I wrote a couple of pieces on this blog, last year, but I’m not the same person. … More I’M JUST TIRED


#BLACKINLOVE I’m in love again, And I have to find the words To tell you how much I love you. I’ll be yours forever baby, And I promise I’ll be true. I’ve waited for a lifetime To say to you, “I do.” I’ll promise I’ll be patient And I’ll do my best for you. I … More #FALLINGBLACKINLOVE

In Between The Dash

  “There’ll be two dates on your tombstone and all your friends will read them. But all that is going to matter is that little dash between them.”- Author Kevin Welch   From its inception, Black History Month has provided an opportunity for African Americans to reflect on our rich history and traditions. We remember … More In Between The Dash

Ten Minutes On The Stoop: Being Broke Is Better

The Stoop! The most legendary place in the urban community. Depending where you are in the world you may call your stoop another name: porch, foyer, front yard, and if you’re West Indian your veranda.  The stoop is where most millennials spent their time. It’s where we laughed, cried, played, and participated in some of … More Ten Minutes On The Stoop: Being Broke Is Better

Get in Formation: From Stacey Dash to Beyonce, you really don’t care about black history!

Beyonce broke the internet and the hearts of many white people when she release her latest single, “Formation”. She sent even more people into cardiac arrest after performing this single for the halftime show on Superbowl Sunday. Following critiques of her performance, video, and lyrics,  many found themselves defending the queen bee and all things … More Get in Formation: From Stacey Dash to Beyonce, you really don’t care about black history!

V.S.OP Spotlight: “Cut From A Different Cloth”

The Virtually.Seizing.Opulence (V.S.OP) team is happy to introduce to some and present to others, Mr. Tommie Lark, Jr. the Chief Executive Officer of Superego, LLC. Tommie was born and raised in Massachusetts.Some would say that the odds were stacked against him from the time of conception, as he was born to two teenage parents. Things become harder for … More V.S.OP Spotlight: “Cut From A Different Cloth”


My son is not quite two.  He plays the drums, the saxophone and the keyboard.  And if an ability to make a lot of noise is a measure for skill, he is gifted.  He enjoys eggs, singing Jingle Bells and chanting Mommy mommy mommy at obscene hours.  He hates when his hands are dirty.  He prefers Charlie Brown to Elmo.  He thinks fart … More MY SON LIKES TRUCKS