[So He looked down from high as He waited for Adam to appear, so they could continue with their daily fellowship, praise and worship. But Adam never showed up. He sat waiting patiently, marveling at all of His creations, thinking to Himself and saying, “I can’t wait to show him my latest creation for him … More ADAM WHERE ARE THOU

Is It The Hair

Although I’m only three months into my natural hair journey, I’ve realized just how uncomfortable I am and have been with being my authentic self. It’s an awkward thing to admit, but it’s the truth. Embarking on this journey has made me increasingly aware of the fact that I, too, have yet to conquer the … More Is It The Hair

I Love Him Because I Hate Myself pt.2: DRUNK IN LOVE

Drunk in Love Breathing through that last glass of wine That travels through your veins Escaping your present state of mind Eloping to a conscious diluted coma Engulfed in flames surrounding your den of lies Burning a sweet fragrance to disguise the aura of bullshits aroma You be all night Lust fills your eyes and … More I Love Him Because I Hate Myself pt.2: DRUNK IN LOVE