The “Black” Album, No Jay-Z Though: To Pimp A Butterfly

Initial reaction To Pimp a Butterfly…“Stupid…a horrible attempt in sounding deep and creative”. At least this is what I thought. The ever so loyal Kendrick Lamar stans did not make me any less forgiving either with their justifications, but it is simply the high standards I have for the great artist that Kendrick Lamar is. … More The “Black” Album, No Jay-Z Though: To Pimp A Butterfly

The Medium

According to, the definition of “medium” is as follows: 1. A middle state or condition; mean. 2.Something intermediate in nature or degree. There are about sixteen definitions for this word, but let’s focus on the first two as it applies to African American males in these United States of America. By now you’re probably … More The Medium

Love Triangles : The Truth Behind Cheating Part I

Okay, picture this: A popular couple named Mary and John are in a long-term, committed relationship. To onlookers, it seems that Mary and John are happy. Friends and associates often witness public displays of affection from each partner, banter, and innocent flirting. Occasionally, Mary and John will even declare their love for one another on … More Love Triangles : The Truth Behind Cheating Part I


[So He looked down from high as He waited for Adam to appear, so they could continue with their daily fellowship, praise and worship. But Adam never showed up. He sat waiting patiently, marveling at all of His creations, thinking to Himself and saying, “I can’t wait to show him my latest creation for him … More ADAM WHERE ARE THOU