#OpulentBeats: LeVarsity-By Any Means

Black Monk Ent. Artist LeVarsity
Black Monk Ent. Artist LeVarsity

Hailing from Brooklyn, Black Monk Ent. rapper LeVarsity is bringing us some early Summer heat with his track “By Any Means” off his first EP 4Play. The 23 year SUNY Cortland grad received his BA in Communications last May afterwards, deciding to fully commit his energy into perfecting his craft in rapping which, began all the way back in the 5th grade. LeVarsity credits Kanye West as having a major influence on his musical style and also pays homage to the contemporary hip hop icons J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar & the timeless Jigga Man.

If you’re truly about the VSOP life this cut speaks volumes and needs to be added to your daily playlist with it’s authentic concrete jungle of NYC feel throughout. Check out the visual for By Any Means directed by BrannDannArt  below with LeVarsity showing off his spoken word prowess offering some of the realest insight on whats holding most millennials back from truly taking control of their lives and seizing the opulence that they conceptualized for themselves.

Its like you know you got the talent
but fear of getting smacked by your reality
is probably the reason that you haven’t
dropped out of school yet
venture on a new quest
forget all the consequences
man you taking huge steps.
But you ain’t tryna be a failure
in your mother eyes
your dreams could be reality
fear makes you think otherwise”

You can listen to and download the 4 Play EP here which features a sample from classic Eminem film 8 Mile on the track “kingpin” and bit of flexing for the ladies on “that song”. According to LeVarsity he has MANY ideas and projects to come, best believe VSOP will be supporting him all the way and keeping you informed. #AreYouVSOP?

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