The Creatives Series: “Girl On Fiya”

“The mystery was gone but the amazement was just starting.” ― Andy Warhol


It is a rarity now to find folks who genuinely pursue an art form out of a pure passion/love for it rather than vie for 15 seconds of fame a couple of likes and a social media shoutout. So naturally it was refreshing to be amongst the crowd when the girl known as “Fiyabomb” unveiled her latest & GRANDEST ( 9′ x 12′ ) project entitled “OVO” paying homage to Toronto Native and superstar rapper “Drizzy” Drake.

Though a stream was hosted, where fans were given a the opportunity to view her creative process, there was still a high level of anticipation as guest at the eponymous gallery had not seen the piece with all of its finishing touches. As alluded to in the quote by the late Andy Warhol, the mystery behind the piece was finally gone but amazement (which is an understatement) filled the room. I don’t know whats more astonishing, the unequivocal devotion exhibited in her craft or the fact that this is hopefully just cracking the surface to depths of her talents. We here at V.S.OP wish Fiyabomb the best of luck and are extremely excited to witness ALL of her future endeavors! In the Meantime check out a couple other pieces that were featured at the gallery below and if you haven’t already check out her IG profile which contains much more artwork.

“Glow In The Dark Swizz Beatz” #FIYABOMB2014
“Portrait of Trayvon Martin” #FIYABOMB2014
“Rihanna Pours” #FIYABOMB2014
“I Want to be on Ellen” #FIYABOMB2014
“The Anatomy Of Swizz Beatz” #FIYABOMB2014

Stay tuned as we look to highlight more of our favorite up and coming artist in our Creatives Series!

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