Who is V.S.OP???

VSOPWho is V.S.OP? Well if you’re taking time out of your day to check out this blog then the answer is YOU. We choose to go by the name Virtually Seizing Opulence because we embody the essence of the young professionals, artist, musicians, wordsmiths, designers striving daily to perfect their craft in pursuit of wealth and success. We understand & embrace the power of social media as an outlet for all of our amazing projects. Through this community we look to create innumerable opportunities to connect and cultivate relationships that will prove to be critical in ultimately achieving success. We believe, through these interactions we are creating a space for young professionals to not only socialize but also exchange ideas for professional advancement and development. Through our multitiered approach we plan to stimulate our audience’s both physically and mentally.

We use every aspect of our daily lives to motivate the next generation of Opulence seekers. Often the frustrations of the young professional goes unnoticed and unheard.  Our “Mayhem Mondays” post will serve as an avenue for our followers to discuss topics that relate to their professional lives.  Through these discussions we can provide our peers with sound advice on how to effectively maneuver in tough situations. As young professionals we also know that not every part of our life is about work. Our “Think About It Thursdays” post will allow our followers to catch up on the latest topics that are outside of the workplace. Posting about everything including but definitely not limited to fashion, culture, sports and relationship advice. We also believe in celebrating our followers who are actively Seizing Opulence. We will, at random, highlight the talents of our followers and share their gifts with our audience.

Even though we are professionals we also know the importance of a good networking happy-hour, art exhibit, spoken word show, standup comedian, or concert where we get to let our hair down and just socialize without the pressures of the workplace. We will inform our audience of these various types of events going on in our area along with providing these events for our audience to attend.  Our twitter @1opulentlife is our way of connecting with our audience at an instant pace. This way we get to connect with you, our audience, while providing quotes and thoughts throughout the day. So follow us, and retweet us, as we embark on this journey of Virtually Seizing Opulence.


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